A Hidden Treasure… Shoe Bags!!

Some great designers, like Tom’s, Christian Louboutin and Dolce Vita, are already in the know and have a shoe bag waiting for you when you open the box with your new fabulous shoes.  And of course you know that my love, Lilly Pulitzer, provides a colorful print shoe bag with every footwear purchase. (And for those of you who have shared the experience of the Lilly Warehouse sale with me, I spend more time picking out the shoe bag then I do the actual shoes.)

Doesn’t matter which one you choose, a shoe bag is more than just a shoe bag…  

Of course, it is perfect for its intended use - carrying your shoes.  As I am on the road a lot these days and have meetings throughout the day, heels are not my friend.  So when I know I have a meeting to get to - I throw my heels in a shoe bag, into my purse and off I go.  A quick switch-out before my meeting, and my dogs are not hurting by the end of the day.

What else can you do with a shoe bag? Well… if you’re going on an overnight trip and need to bring a few toiletries - throw them in a shoe bag… need to bring some small toys for your kids to play with when out to dinner - throw them in a shoe bag… need to throw some makeup in your purse for a quick touch up - throw them in a shoe bag… heading out after work and need to switch to a clutch - throw it in a shoe bag.

There are so many uses for your shoe bags… get creative!